We have been getting a lot of rain these days. You could look at it as one cold and dreary day after another, or you can look for the beauty in a rainy day.

The pattern of raindrops in puddles can be very soothing. Just the randomness of the drops helps calm the mind. The symmetry of the circles of the ripples has its own beauty.

There is also beauty in the clouds. Clouds usually have dark and light patches and these are constantly changing and moving. The difference in light and dark has a beauty that is often present in most situations.

Another beautiful part of rainy days is the fact that the rain is bring new life to the earth. Plants need the water and so the rain that is getting us wet is also bringing new life all around us.

So you can sit around complaining about the rain, or you can enjoy it. It really is your option. It takes just as much effort to see the bad side as it does to see the good side.

The beauty of the Look for Beauty – Find Happiness technique is that it teaches us to look for beauty all the time, expect to find it, and then expect to be happy. The more you use the technique, the easier it is to use it and the easier it is to be happier more of the time.

So enjoy the rainy days. Grab a coat and umbrella and go out and see what nature has to offer. Take a walk around the neighborhood and imagine the plants that will be growing in the near future.

Then head back inside and have a nice hot cup of tea or coffee to warm up. Feel the beauty of the warm cup in your hands. Remember that you have five senses to experience beauty. A warm cup on a chilly day is truly beautiful.

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