For the second month in a row, I have had someone tell me that a friend or family member was suicidal. Both times, I handed them one of my “Live One More Day” Challenge Coin (, and both times their response was. This is why I created the coins, for people who desperately needed it.

I don’t remember ever hearing someone tell me that someone close to them was suicidal, but now it has happened two months in a row. It is as if the universe knows I have something that may help and it is making sure that people talk to me about it.

So I thought that I would write about these experiences, to make sure that other people know about this simple challenge coin. It seems as if I put the word out there, people will be drawn to me and share their story. Then I get to do a small part to help these people in need.

If you haven’t followed the above link to learn about the challenge coin, it says “Live One More Day” on one side, with an American flag in the background for our veterans in need, and my book title “Look for Beauty – Find Happiness” on the other side.

The idea is to focus on just making it through today. Don’t worry about yesterday and don’t worry too much about tomorrow, just make it through today. When you are overwhelmed, just making it through today is enough. Stack enough todays together and you have a full life.

This is probably not enough by itself. You need a support group to help you through the rough spots. But if you get through today enough times, you will develop a support group that you may not have even known was available to you.

If you come across someone in desperate need, try helping them get through today. It may mean the world to them.

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