There are so many people seriously disturbed by the presidential election results that psychologists have created the term PESD – Post Election Stress Disorder. Workplaces are being disrupted, families are being torn apart, and people are literally worrying themselves sick.

The problem is that people are spending too much time reinforcing negative feelings by scanning the news for bad news. Like my book shows, you find what you are looking for. If you are looking for bad news, you will find it. If you are looking for doom and gloom, you will find it.

The way to snap out of it is to give yourself a break for a while. You don’t have to abandon your principles to make time to get mentally healthy again. It is time to get into the present moment for a while.

You can beat PESD by following the advice in my book “Look for Beauty – Find Happiness“. It is a simple technique that I use many times every day. It brings you into the present moment for a while and gives your mind and body a chance to heal.

Give yourself a week-long vacation from Post Election Stress Disorder by letting go of current events for a while. The situation won’t have changed much when you get back, and you have no control over events anyway.

One of the things that is well proven is that people get the most upset over things that they have no control over. It is no fun being powerless. It goes against our survival instinct.

This is one of the reasons that you need to acknowledge it if you have PESD and admit to yourself that you have no control over current events. That done, follow the advice in my book chapter on Forgiveness and forgive yourself for for getting so upset.

There are several chapters that could help people suffering from Post Election Stress Disorder. The important thing is that you owe it to yourself to get better physically and mentally. Then you can go out and change the world later.

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