My book Look for Beauty – Find Happiness talks about how to live a happier life. This is especially important when stress is eating you up. I thought that I would write today about looking for beauty just for peace of mind when happy times are just not going to happen.

One such situation is when you get bad news about a family member. I know, because I got such news today. It will be a while before I feel happiness, but I can limit my despair by looking for beauty.

This may not be time for grieving yet, but it is important to say that the grieving process is important. You shouldn’t deny yourself grief at such times. It is a process that you have to go through at a time of loss to get closure.

However, when the news is bad, but not final, looking for beauty can help. It can prevent the despair from becoming overwhelming. It brings you back into the moment and away from thoughts of the worst.

Looking for beauty can provide an emotional reboot. It can stop the downward spiral into despair. Normally I would say that it would start an upward spiral. However, when there is really bad news, just stopping the downward spiral may be enough.

So my advice is to Look for Beauty – Find Happiness most of the time, and look for beauty to find serenity when happiness is not really appropriate.

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