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Peter Brusso

My name is Peter Brusso and I’m a big fan of look for beauty and find happiness.

I use this particular technique when I’m walking in the desert. I’m going to include a picture of myself and my recent picture of a sunset while I was walking. I find this technique to be super satisfying and I look for the beauty while I’m walking whereas in the past I would have never done so.

So many times, when we’re walking we’re thinking about pace and where we’re going that we lose the chance of seeing the beauty that surrounds us all the time. Even during an hour of walking, the scenery changes so much that you could miss the beauty if you did not know about this technique from Steven Hunter.

Of course, this technique can be used to make you happy when you’re sad, and I’m sure that that was the case when Steve wrote it however there are other things you can do with it. I challenge you if you do walk with a smartphone or a camera to stop and take the pictures of the beauty that you see. Not only will you recognize more Beauty around you and therefore being in a state of bliss, but you’ll also have those pictures to help motivate you throughout the day. That is, these motivations can be used throughout the day or an even an entire week of work; even though you were not able to get to those beautiful spots.

It was once said that; “opportunity Waits for No One”. However, with this technique of look for beauty and find happiness, there is beauty all around us! We just have to be conditioned to look for it. Once you become conditioned to look for beauty, it becomes a joyful habit; and it’s mankind’s nature that if it’s joyful, you will do it more often.

Hiking in the desert of southern california

Hiking in the desert of southern California

So, as I’m putting on my hiking shoes and getting my hiking vest ready, I stopped to think of all the beauty that I’m going to see and be part of in the next hour. This type of thinking is so very powerful and makes you so happy that I even say sometimes I’m like Snoopy on Peanuts. The little Snoopy dog when his happy kind of floats in his feet dangle down and barely touch the Earth. I can get like that on a walk however then my GPS device won’t count my steps and I realize I must put my feet back on the ground.

Happy hiking and just imagine all the beauty you will find and therefore experience in your life!

Peter Brusso

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