Steven Hunter the author…

Steven Hunter has earned degrees in electrical engineering from the prestigious schools of University of California Berkeley and Case Western Reserve University in Ohio and is an electrical engineer at an advanced research facility. He has headed up engineering efforts, invented equipment, written many top award-winning papers, and has received patents.
He also holds 5 patents: Self Adjusting Inclinometer (US6,349,477), Rotational Rate Sensor (US 6,382,025), Tiltmeter Leveling Mechanism (US 6,370,784), Method and apparatus to monitor asymmetric and interhemispheric brain functions, (US 4,802,484), and Human response apparatus and method (US 4,543,957).
Steven Hunter has been part and party to making instruments and experiments that
led to governmental recognition. He has not been afraid to go where others only dream of going.
Mr. Hunter also has 3 top awards: 2012 R&D 100 award for Laser Energy  Optimization by Precision Adjustments to the Radiant Distribution (LEOPARD), 1997 R&D 100 award for Oil Field Tiltmeter, and 2001 Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
You can imagine the stress Mr. Hunter has had to work with, so he sought ways of dealing with his stress, and that is the basis for this book. Nothing in this book is theoretical as Steven Hunter has researched and now uses only the best of the best techniques. Mr. Hunter‘s job can be a recipe for stress, but we all have stress in our lives. Studies show that people who feel the least in control of their destiny feel the most stress. At least an engineer has a lot of opportunities that are not available to many people.
Mr. Hunter has been meditating off and on for about 40 years, primarily working on mindfulness meditation. There are many techniques to help one achieve mindfulness, but the Look for Beauty technique has become his favorite. It is likely that someone has proposed this same technique before, and certainly something similar has been proposed, but if this book helps some people, it will have been well worth the effort to create it.
Steven Hunter resides in Livermore, California with his wife of many years and his family. He still works for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where you can find him leading the way for other professionals to follow!
Mr. Hunter‘s first book, which was a loved by many, is Whiteboard Quotes (ISBN 9781523444984) which can be found on
I would most especially like to acknowledge the contribution from my good friend Peter Brusso. He pushed me to get the book done and get it out now. He helped me see that there are people out there who desperately need this book right away.