Find happiness is within your reach! There is something you can do every day to live a happier life. It only requires that you look for something that will make you happy. This book tells how you can look for beauty in your everyday life. When you find beauty, it is easy to be happy.

This is a tool. You can use it any time you want, or need, to use it.

There are also chapters on how to lead with your heart, having gratitude every day, how being judgmental can hurt you, the importance of forgiving, and many other things to help you through the day.

Once you have helped yourself, maybe you will have something left to help others. Steven Hunter is working with groups of veterans and first responders to try to help those who feel lost. He feels that it is important to try to share the gift of happiness with these men and women who have given so much. So go find happiness now!

find happiness

Find Happiness!


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